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Single Pony
Prince Caster Forge by Dawnrex15
Will You Be Mine, Alesha? by Dawnrex15
Pretty Simple
Extra Ponies
Welcome Home Bro by Dawnrex15
My Main Six by Dawnrex15
Welcome Back by Dawnrex15
Extra 10 points for every additional pony.
Congratulations, my Princess by Dawnrex15
A Glimpse of the Future by Dawnrex15
The Beauty of Rain by Dawnrex15
Price depends on design and difficulty, from 10-20 points.
Gift: I Love You Too Much by Dawnrex15
Hey Beautiful by Dawnrex15
Gift - I'm Always Here For You by Dawnrex15
Additional 5 points on every part of the commission. (Examples: Single anthro pony/human, 15 points total. Two anthro ponies/humans and background worth 10 points, 45 points total.)

(Only says 10 at the bottom because of some stupid rules.)
Special Commission: Personal Armor and/or Weapons
Caster's Armor by Dawnrex15
Caster's Blade: Sorrow's End by Dawnrex15
Gift: Princess Luna's Armor by Dawnrex15
For this price, no matter what's in it, Caster Forge will make your OC their own set of battle gear, tailored to their special traits. All that's required is what you want for it, provide as much detail as you can on how it should look, and the Royal Blacksmith will make it happen.;) (Wink)
Tagged by :iconanimadrawsart:

1. You can choose up to three answers per favorite question.
2. Answer truthfully.
3: A description explaining your answers and why you choose them is not necessary, but is preferred.
4. When done, tag as many people you want.
5. Have fun!

Question 1#: Let's start this off with the obvious: Who is your Favorite of the Mane cast? (Mane 6, Spike, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer all count):

Spike, no question. Though the majority of his episodes haven't been done too well, the few that have are done amazingly to show off his character. He's brave, selfless, and always willing to help others. Hard not to appreciate a character like that.

Least Favorite?:

I can't really say I have any least favorites, they're all fun to witness, even when they have their bad moments.

Question 2#: Okay, who is your Favorite Princess? (Twilight can count for this category, unless she was one of your answers for the first question):

Princess Luna. For one thing she's had the most character development of the original two and has actually done some things throughout the series. Plus her singing is pretty cool, particularly as the ghost of Heath Warming's yet to come.^^

Least Favorite?:

None really.

Question 3#: Who is your Favorite Villain? (This includes characters that originated as villains, reformed or not):

Discord. He's hilarious to witness and his tactics of chaos are just so fun. Exploding chocolate milk!:D

Least Favorite?:

Flim and Flam. They're just the same thing, conning people over and over with ridiculous scams and getting found out. Discord may keep doing the same thing over and over, causing mischief, but at least he always has different reasons when they do occur.

Question 4#: Who is your Favorite One-Shot Character? (These are the characters that have had at least one major role in an episode other than simple background. Ex: Daring Do, Spitfire, Princess Ember, Coco Pommel, etc. Reformed Villains and Family Members don't count, no matter how much they've appeared; they belong in the questions above and below respectively.):

Thorax. He's our first official reformed changeling and has paved the way for one of my favorite species of the series.

Least Favorite?:

Prince Blueblood. Do I even need to say why?

Question 5#: Who is your Favorite Family Member? (characters that are related to a member of the Mane Cast. Ex: Shining Armor, Maud Pie, Big Macintosh, The CMC, etc): 

Big Macintosh. A giant composed of hilariousness and ridiculous strength with a heart of gold.

Least Favorite?:

Zephyer Breeze. The only jackass among families. Though at least he's getting better I suppose.

Question 6#: Alright, fandom time. Who is your Favorite Backgrounder/Backgrounder Pair? (If you answer based on fandom interpretation, then please explain which one and why.):

Dr. Whooves. The obvious references are too fun to ignore.

Least Favorite?:

Not really. They're just people in the background who do stuff that usually doesn't add anything to the story. Unless one starts acting like an ass for no reason, I have no reason to hate any of them.

Question 7#: What is your Favorite Fan-Shipping?:

In terms of canon shipping that would be Sparity. There's always that potential between the two. Spike is constantly maturing, though not physically, and is obviously more caring about Rarity than any other character. I even enjoy stories that bring up the thoughts that Rarity just uses him because it really challenges the couple and makes their relationship all the more powerful when they get together. I hope that in the future Spike finally gets a good growth spurt and we can explore that possibility more in the future.

Least Favorite?:

There's too many weird ships out there for me to keep track of. So I'd rather focus on the ones I like rather than try to find the one I hate most.

Question 8#: What is your Favorite Episode(s) So Far?:

The Times are a Changeling. Changeling redemption, hive, character names, voices, personality, change in ideals. What is there not too love about this episode?

Least Favorite?:

What about Discord? It's stupid and mean beyond all repair, and actually made Princess Spike look like it was trying.

Question 9#: What is your Favorite Song(s) So Far?:

I'm a fan of the lament and depressing songs, mostly cause it's a better step from all the happy mushy stuff we usually hear. These include "I've Got to Find a Way", "Pinkie's Lament", and "Luna's Future". Of course I do have a soft spot for Make Our Mark. ^^

Least Favorite?: 

Spike's national anthem.=p

Question 10#: Now onto different kinds of Questions. How did you first hear of MLP:FIM and what got you into the fandom?: 

My brother introduced it to me after I graduated high school. I had heard of it before but I thought it was just something stupid. A couple episodes later: "... hm, not bad."=p

Questions 11 and 12#: What would you like to see more of, and what do you think the show could use more or less of in future?:

More of?: Spike actually growing without the greed.

Less of?: New characters that add nothing to the story.

Question 13#: Let's see how open to change you are. Are you on-board with Alicorn Princess Twilight, one of the fit-throwing crybabies of the fandom's filth, or just don't care which?

I was peeved at first, but after a while I just stopped caring. Besides, with her magic it was bound to happen I suppose.

Question 14#: Same question, different topic. Equestria Girls. Love it, hate it, or neutral?:

First was good...... why did they have to make more? Ugh!

Question 15#: Do you read MLP Fanfics, and if so which ones/what kinds are your favorites?:

Absolutely! They're one of the main reasons I enjoy the show. Mostly because they're fun ways for people to play out they're own little fan theories of the show, fix mistakes that are so horrible in the episodes, and create scenarios that everyone wants to see. And for me, a chance to live in this world of infinite possibilities and make my dreams for the real world a reality. I prefer romance and dark adventure, though there's a limit to that of course.

Question 16#: What is your favorite fan-made work(s) (videos, fanfics, music, etc) you've seen so far?

I've enjoyed the videos on youtube, seeing the top ten of every month by Jhaller let's me know what's currently going on.

Least Favorite?:

What's there to hate at this point aside from hate blogs?

Question 17#: Got any MLP fanworks of your own for us to check out?:

I have my own fan fic, "Love at Second Sight" involving pairing my OC with my friend's :iconanimadrawsart:. It's not only romantic but has that dark action I really wanted to use. Simple falling in love can get a little cliche. Though the same goes for saving the mare you love.^^;

Question 18#: Do you think the show benefited from Faust's departure or suffered for it?:

It's, there. I dunno.

Question 19#: Despite Hasbro already confirming that the IDW comics are not-canon to the show, which one is your favorite?:

Never read them.

Least Favorite:

Were you not listening?

Question 20#: Are you excited for the MLP Movie?:

Same feeling as Equestria Girls, just wait and see how it goes.

And that's all for now. Now tag a friend and see what they say!

I tag whoever wants to be tagged.=p


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My name is Andrew, and I am a brony. Though I'm sure you could figure that out with the dozens of pony art.=p Anyway I enjoy making art but my usual hobby is fanfic writing, much more insertive. Also I'm a particular fan of the Kingdom Hearts series as well as a few other shows and games. Hope that you enjoy what I've made so far.:D

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